Behind the lens is how I find the calm in the chaos that is my life.   I love my clients and meeting new friends.  As a photographer it gives me the wonderful gift of being involved in some of life's most precious moments.  It is an honor to be there just as a bystander watching you live your life. 

For me photography is not always about snapping a portrait of someone with perfect posture, attire, or facial expression.  Photography is about your life and documenting it to hold forever and share with others. I want my pictures to capture the emotion and the love between those being photographed.    We all want that perfect wall hanging photograph but I strive to capture not only the wall hanger but also the silly goofy moments that we don't always frame but we cherish them because they show case personalty and love.    Let me photograph your life so that you can experience it. 

I am a small town girl who doesn't know any other way of life than running wide open all the time. 
By day I spend most of my time sitting in front of a computer looking at numbers and tax entries but in my spare time I thoroughly enjoy putting the creative side of my brain to work.  

After graduating Thomson High I went on to study accounting at UGA where I received my masters.   I entered the work force and after several years I found my home as as CPA at Barmore Hammond, LLP here in Thomson.    As most of you know tax season keeps me pretty stretched but some how I always find time to work so many other things in.

I spend most of my week nights editing pictures from recent photo sessions and I occasionally  prepare custom cakes for individuals.   Don't think I'm a hermit because if I'm not taking pictures, editing pictures, or baking cakes you can most definitely find me surrounded by the largest most wonderful  group of family and friends anyone could ask for.   My winters are spent outside by a fire and my summers are full of sunshine and lake water. 


This past October I married my best friend.  The wedding was more than I could have ever asked for.  The out pour of help from family and friends was unimaginable.     We are still getting settled in our little home and can't wait to see what the next few years brings.   


Thank you for everyone's continued support.  Those that patiently wait on photos during tax season.  I looked back at photo recently and realized that some of your babies feel like my babies.  I've watched them grow up and although I may not see them but once or twice a year its always the most fun.    Thank you everyone for always being there.   - Bridgett 


Note: wedding photos taken by Swamp Fox Photography (located in Augusta, GA).  Black and white beach photo taken by Photo Souvenir PUnta Cana (located in the Dominican Republic).